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Full Line Delear Puglia’s is a full line dealer for many of the firearm brands that we carry.  We try to keep the biggest selection of firearms in stock at all times so that we will have what you are looking for, when you are looking for it.  By doing this, we usually have over 1000 firearms in stock at any given time to be able to provide you with virtually all the options you will need when it comes to buying that new shotgun for duck season or hunting rifle to shoot your first deer with.  We also are members of several different distributors of firearms.  That way, if we don’t have it in stock now, we can have it in stock for you in just a few days.

Accessories & Ammunition If you’ve ever taken a few minutes to check out our store, you will know that we are packed from ceiling to floor with accessories and ammo to help you out during your shooting adventures.  We carry many different brands and types of ammunition.  From target loads to self defense rounds, we’ve got you covered in the ammunition department.  We also are full line dealers for many of the optics brands we carry in store.  So if you need some binos for birdwatching, or a high powered riflescope,  Puglia’s has got you covered.


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