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Returns: THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ON FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Almost all other merchandise can be returned as long as it is in its original unopened package.

Q: Can I return firearms?

A: There are ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS on firearms in our store.  If you take the firearm home and discover that there are issues with it or simply do not like it, we WILL NOT be able to take the firearm back for refund or store credit.  If the item is faulty, we will have to ship it back to the manufacturer for repair.  Please DO NOT PURCHASE a firearm unless you are 100% SURE that it is the right firearm for you.  We WILL NOT take back any firearms for any reason.

Q: Can I return ammunition?

A: There are ABSOLUTELY NOT RETURNS on ammunition in our store.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please be 100% SURE that the ammunition you are purchasing is the correct ammunition you are looking for.

Q: Can I return a rod, reel, costas, etc?

A: You can return any item that is unused and in its original package and in brand new condition, within 30 days of purchase.

Q: What if I don’t have a receipt for my return?

A: Store credit will be issued for the item that does not have a receipt.  If the item is on sale at the time of return, you will only be issued the sale price even if you paid full price for the item.

Q: I have my receipt.  Can I return this item?

A: With receipt, refunds will be issued in the manner in which they were paid for when you purchased the item. Ex: Credit card will be refunded back to credit card, cash will be given cash, etc.

Q: What if I paid with a check?

A: Items returned that were originally paid for with a check will be refunded in the form of a check after two weeks from the original purchase date has passed.



Federal Firearms License Transfers:  We will be happy to provide Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfers for our customers.  Since this is a common practice, many dealers already have our FFL information on file.  We ask that you please give us a courtesy call after placing your order with another dealer to let us know to expect your firearm in shipment.  In addition to the information below, we ask that you pick up your firearm in a timely manner (preferably within two weeks of arrival).

Q: Are there any firearms you do not accept?

A: YES.  We do not accept Draco or Mini Draco pistols.  DO NOT have them sent here.

Q: Are there any dealers you do not accept transfers from?

A: YES. We do not accept transfers from GUNS.COM.  DO NOT have any firearms sent here from this dealer.

Q: What is the process for doing a Federal Firearms License (FFL) transfer if I purchased a firearm from another dealer online?

A: After you have completed the purchase with the FFL holder that you are purchasing the firearm from, please fill out the form here.  We must send them a copy of our license before they can ship us the firearm.  When the firearm comes in and we have it checked in, we will call you to let you know that you can come by the store and pick it up.

Q: What is the fee for conducting a firearm transfer?

A: We charge a non-refundable $55 fee for doing the background check.  Please understand that if for any reason you are denied, the $55 will not be refunded back to you.

Q: What happens if I am denied after doing a background check for a transfer?

A: You will be responsible for arranging return shipping of the firearm back to the dealer that you purchased it from.  We do not provide this service.  Customer will be responsible for any shipping charges.  If return arrangements are not made within a reasonable amount of time(determined by us), we will consider the firearm to be abandoned and it becomes our property to do with as we see fit.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to pick up a transferred firearm?

A: You must bring a valid and current state issued drivers license or id.  It must have all correct and current information on it and cannot be expired.  You may also bring a Louisiana Concealed Carry permit, however, it is not required.

Q: Can someone else pick up my transferred firearm for me?

A: NO. We will only release the firearm to the person whose name is on the receipt from the dealer who shipped the firearm.

Q: How long do I have to come by and pick up my transfer?

A: We ask that you come by within 2 weeks of us receiving your transfer to pick it up.  If your item has not been picked up within 2 weeks, we will give you several courtesy calls, and then your item will be shipped back to the FFL holder it was originally shipped from.



Repairs:  As a courtesy, we provide return repair service for mostly all of the brands we sell in our store.  Some items we can swap out over the counter for a fee, however, many of the items must be shipped back to the factory for factory repairs.  We will send the item back for you and notify you as soon as we hear from the factory about the repair.  In addition, we appreciate you picking up your repaired item in a timely fashion once it has been returned to us (preferably within two weeks of arrival).

Q: Can you ship my firearm back for repair?

A: Yes, we can ship firearms back to the factory for you for repair.  Please know that you will be responsible for any and all shipping charges.  We insure all packages as well to ensure that if anything happens in shipment, the item will be covered.   Please be sure to COMPLETELY UNLOAD YOUR FIREARM before bringing it into the store.  Also, please have it CHECKED IN by someone at the front counter as soon as you walk into the store.  In addition, please be sure to BRING THE MAGAZINE with your firearm if your firearm requires one.  Factories like to test fire the firearms before they ship them back to us after they have been repaired.  Not bringing in the required items could delay the return of your firearm.

Q: The manufacturer sent me a replacement firearm for the damaged one I sent in for repair.  What is required of me to pick it up?

A: You will be required to do a background check to take possession of the new firearm.  Please be sure to bring your up to date state issued drivers license or id with you.  If you are denied, we cannot give the firearm to any of your other friends or family members.  Other arrangements will be made.

Q: Can my brother (sister, mother, daughter, wife, etc) pick up my repair firearm for me?

A: NO. The firearm must be picked up by the same person that dropped it off when it was originally brought in for repair.

Q: Can my rods, reels, costas, and etc. be shipped back for repair?

A: Most of these items can be shipped back to the factory by the customer.  However, as a courtesy, we will ship the item back for you if you’d prefer.  Just bring your item in to us, ready to describe the issue.  Some of our brands can be swapped out over the counter for a fee, others have to be shipped back to be inspected at the factory.  You will be responsible for any shipping and insurance charges incurred during this process.

Q: How long should I wait before calling about my repair item?

A: Most items can be repaired and returned within 4 weeks.  Please note that if the item is under warranty, we will most likely not call you until the item has come back in from repair.  If there is a charge for items not under warranty, we will call you with the price for approval before telling the factory to go ahead with the repair charges.  Please understand that during certain parts of the year, your item could take more than four weeks as the turnaround time.  This is not something that we can control.  If your item has not been returned after four weeks, please give us a courtesy call and we will call the factory to get an update.

Q: After my repair item has been returned to Puglia’s, how long do I have to come by and pick it up?

A: We ask that you come pick your item up within 2 weeks of its arrival back to our store.



Consignment:  We offer a consignment service for customers looking to sell their firearms.  Please see below for important information regarding this service.

Q: What is your consignment fee?

A: We keep 20% of whatever the firearm sells for.  Unless you plan to purchase another firearm from us at or around the same time, and then the fee is only 5-10%.

Q: What items do I need to bring with me when listing a firearm on consignment?

A: As with the purchase of a gun, you need to bring a valid and current state issued drivers license or id with your information.  Also, bring any accessories or ammunition that you may have that you want to sell with the firearm.

Q: Who determines the selling price of my consignment firearm?

A: When you bring your firearm in for consignment, we will ask you to assign a maximum and minimum selling price for your firearm.  If you do not know how much your firearm is worth, we will be glad to assist you with coming up with a fair price.

Q: When do I get paid for the sale of my consignment firearm?

A: After your firearm has sold, we will wait TWO WEEKS before issuing you a check.  When the check is ready, WE WILL CALL YOU to let you know that it is here and can be picked up.  We can also mail the check to you if it is more convenient.

Q: What happens if my firearm doesn’t sell?

A: After 6 months, if your firearm has not sold, we will ask you to consider lowering the selling price.  If you have already lowered the price within the 6 months, and the firearm is still here, we will ask that you come back to pick it up.  Please note: You will be REQUIRED to pass a background check before we can release the firearm back to you.  If for some reason you are denied, we WILL NOT be able to transfer the firearm back to you.  Other arrangements will be made.



Layaway: We do offer a layaway service on FIREARMS ONLY.  Unfortunately, we do not have the warehouse space to offer layaway on other items in our store.

Q: How long do I have to pay off my layaway before the item will be put back in stock?

A: We ask that you pay off and pick up your layaway within 90 days after you put down the deposit.

Q: How much do I have to put down to put a firearm in layaway?

A: We require a 20% deposit to put an item in layaway.

Q: Can someone else make layaway payments on my layaway?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I make layaway payments over the phone with a credit card?

A: Yes. Please give us a call with your credit card information.



Background Checks: You must be able to pass a background check before a firearm can be transferred to you.    Please note that it is against the law to purchase a firearm for someone who is not able to pass a background check.

Q: How much do you charge for a background check?

A: Complete and approved background checks are FREE of charge WITH THE PURCHASE OF A FIREARM.  If you are denied, we have the right to charge a $45 fee for the use of our employees and time.

Q: Can I fill out a background check to see if I pass?

A: We CANNOT conduct a background check just to see if you can pass.  As a growing business, our time is valuable.  We cannot submit background checks unless you are committed to purchasing the firearm.

Q: I cannot pass a background check, can my wife (mother, sister, brother, etc) come do the background check for me?

A: NO. This is called a straw purchase and is against the law.

Q: What happens if I am delayed?

A: You can be delayed on your background check for various reasons.  Please know that when this happens, we do not get to see what the reason is.

Q: What happens if I am denied?

A: Simply put, we cannot transfer the firearm to you.  We cannot transfer it to your wife, mother, sister, or brother either.  You simply CANNOT have the firearm.  Please note, when you are denied, our background check system DOES NOT give us a reason.  Please ask an employee for appeal information if you think that you were denied by mistake.

Q: Can I take the firearm with me the same day?

A: You can be approved for a firearm on the same day that you do a background check.  In this case, you can leave the store that same day with your firearm.

Q: I have an out of state drivers license or id, can I buy a handgun?

A: No.  If you have an out of state license or id, we can only sell you a rifle or shotgun that is legal to own in your own state of residence.  Exception: permanent military orders stating that you are stationed in Louisiana.