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About Us

Louisiana is rich in its outdoor heritage. If you’ve ever shot a greenhead with your grandfather’s Belgium Browning shotgun, or slipped the net under a speckled trout you caught with his Shakespeare Wonder Rod, then you know that hunting and fishing in South Louisiana are time-honored traditions. Deeply ingrained in Louisiana’s outdoor tradition is Puglia’s Sporting Goods. For over forty years, Puglia’s has supplied area sportsmen with the latest in hunting and fishing gear, and there’s a good chance that your grandfather bought that shotgun you hunt with at Puglia’s.

It’s no accident that people have shopped at Puglia’s for so many years; the people at Puglia’s understand how important service, selection, and price are when you shop for a new gun or rod and reel. And for this reason, customers know today, as they always have, that when they shop at Puglia’s, they’re getting the best product and the best price, and the best service backing their purchase.

Located at 1925 Veterans Boulevard in Metairie, Puglia’s is locally owned and operated. Like other such retailers, Puglia’s has had to adjust to the arrival of national chains to the market. Because these chain stores buy in such volume, often they are able to sell merchandise to the public at a lower price.

Now, everyone knows that the best place to buy a new rod or a new gun is a store that specializes in hunting and fishing. But in today’s economically trying times, price is the bottom line, and the people at Puglia’s understand this.

In order to keep prices low, Puglia’s has joined a national buying group. This allows the store to buy merchandise directly from the manufacturers of hunting and fishing gear just like the national chains do. This eliminates “the middle man,” which saves you, the shopper, money. This also means that now you can still buy your gear from a specialty shop that employs knowledgeable people, get the right equipment for the right situations, and rest assured that you paid the lowest price.

So, if you’re in the market for a new gun or rod and reel, or if you just need a report on the latest hotspots, go see the people at Puglia’s. Like you, they’re all avid outdoorsmen. For 40 years the people at Puglia’s have been committed to providing the most in service, selection and low price, and they hope to be a part of Louisiana’s outdoor tradition for years to come.


Tony Puglia



Anthony Puglia